About + FAQ

Hello, I’m Graeme 

Professional wedding photographer, amateur dad, and have-a-go allotment gardener based in Central Scotland….traveling here, there and everywhere!

Graeme (me) has been working, stumbling, and climbing in the photography industry for over 10 years. He spent his early years in Scotland eating haggis, oats, and shortbread to grow big and strong. He got a qualification on a bit of really nice card stock. Met a beautiful girl. Got on a plane to New York City. Ate lots of pizza, changed some nappies, and worked with lots of experienced and exceptionally talented people across the photo industry. Ten years later he and Mrs Wilson decided to buy a bunch of wooly jumpers and return to Scotland, where they still live to this very day.

I started to shoot weddings possibly due to a lack of invitations from “friends” but more so because I really enjoy meeting couples, getting to know them and creating images that tell the story of their wedding day in a modern and artistic way. 


What’s your approach when photographing weddings? 

My approach and overall goal when photographing your wedding day is simple. It’s all about telling the story of your day and I do this by documenting things in a relaxed, unobtrusive, and candid way. I like to think of myself as someone that blends into the background, but is always there if you need me. 

I like to get all the big moments, the details, but most of all I love capturing all the little things you would never have thought of or seen had I not been there.

How long do you photograph my wedding day for? 

In most cases this really depends on how long your wedding day is going to last. For a full day, that means wedding preparations until your 3rd of 4th dance. This can typically be around 10-11 hours of photography. With a break for dinner of course!

How far will you travel? 

How far can you go? Anything within 50 miles from my home in central Scotland is covered, but I am always happy and often do travel further afield at an additional cost which can be agreed upon.

Can you stay later? 

Yes! I typically stay until your 3rd or 4th dance, but if you are looking for a lot more of those party pictures I am able to stay for a pre-agreed hourly rate.

What if I am just looking for a photographer for a couple hours for a weekday wedding? 

I take a flexible approach to my pricing, understanding that all weddings are not exactly the same in terms of length and photographic requirements. So just ask and I can adjust the cost in accordance with your specific requirements. 

Do you take formal family pictures on the day?

Yes, my primary goal on the day is to photograph things in as natural and organic a way as possible. Letting things happen as they do, but let’s be honest sometimes you just have to get those pictures for granny’s mantelpiece. I try to keep things well organised when it comes to this, making sure it doesn’t take too much time away from you getting to spend with your guests.

I have been to weddings with obnoxious and slightly overbearing photographers.. are you like this ?

No. I am really quite nice. I might ask you to step into better light, but will never get in the way of things as they happen. Those are the best bits 🙂 Don’t believe me? Check out the testimonials section to see what people have said about working with me.

How many pictures will I get? 

For a full wedding day, you will receive 500+ fully edited pictures. Sometimes it can be much more but never less. Your pictures will be a mixture of colour and black and white images depending on what suits each image best.

Will we get every photo you take? 

No. Simply put, you really don’t want every picture I take. On the day I can take A LOT of pictures and due to the nature of documenting weddings the way I do, there will be times when you’re blinking, stepping out of frame, or some over excited guest might be moving to fast. It’s more important for me to provide you with a quality, finished product rather than bog you down you in images that I am confident you won’t want using up space on your hard drive.

What if something happens to my pictures or I lose them.

I keep copies of your finished wedding photograph’s for several years after your wedding day. So if you were to ever have an issue I would be able to help out. I equally encourage couples to do the same and make multiple back-ups of their wedding day pictures in different places. Things can happen and computers have been known to break down from time to time.

When will I get my photos? 

Typically, you will get your photos between 5-7 weeks after the date of your wedding day. During the summer months this can take slightly longer. However, never fear as I always make sure to send you a preview via an online, password protected gallery around a week after the date of your wedding.

How do I go about booking you for my big day?

Simple, if you think that you would like to go ahead with booking me for you wedding day just get in-touch. I require all couples to fill out a booking form with a copy of my terms and conditions. In addition, I also require a 25% deposit based on the price of the package you choose.

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