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        One of my favourite weddings of the year. Ali and Rachael are a brilliant couple ! They got married on an especially sunny Novembers day at the Dundee registrar’s office in one shore terrace. They both decided to go a little against tradition and get married in a elopement style wedding with just Ali’s Grandparents as witnesses and it made for a very intimate ceremony between the two of them.

        It was then we bundled into the back of a black cab that was to be our ride around Dundee for the day hitting up various places in Dundee that were special to both of them as a couple. But first it was off to lunch at the Bridgeview Station down by the waterfront.

        After that we then bundled back into the taxi for our whirlwind trip of Dundee.  First it was off to Magdalen Bandstand followed by the University campus where they both went to University followed by a trip all the way to the top of Dundee Law. Note to self don’t sit facing backwards in a Taxi around Dundee, doesn’t feel good :-/

        Last stop ! we then headed down to Brewdog together to grab a drink before Mr and Mrs headed off for some rest and relaxation. I even caught up with them a couple days after for a reception party they planned at The Door Below.

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