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        Ballathie House Hotel – Wedding Photography

        There are lots of things I will remember from photographing Fiona and Jamie’s Wedding at Ballathie House Hotel up in Perthshire this year.
        Things like, the weather forecast is often very wrong or sometimes you can’t open a window all they way or that dogs can jump up onto people’s shoulders in a large furry, floppy eared, wet nosed parrot on a pirates shoulder kind of a way. Or maybe… just maybe the main thing that I will remember is how much fun it can be to be a wedding photographer when you get a day like this.
        One of the things I look forward to most on any wedding day is getting to spend a little time with the bride and groom. Fiona and Jamie were such a brilliant laid back couple to work alongside and pretty much took everything in their stride. They managed the unique job of combining the feel of a sophisticated and elegant party with a good old bit of traditional Scottish wedding charm.
        Scottish countryside weddings are always good, but I really think this one was a belter. From the wedding suppliers (psst.. list at the bottom of the page) to the wedding venue itself. I don’t think you could throw a better party here if you tried. I dare you and I dare you to invite me 🙂

        Wedding Suppliers

        Kilts and jackets – 8 yards, Dundee

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