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        Gilmerton House - Wedding Photography - East Lothian

        What you don't know from looking at this picutre right here. Is that Maral (the bride) is actually sitting on my jacket so not to get her dress dirty. Yep folks thats the kind of customer service you can expect when hiring this guy, also to be fair it was my idea.

        Yes I know, I know, not posted much for a while. Actually over a year in my case. Thing is, I have been out and about photographing weddings, spending time with amazing couples, catching covid, playing indoor ballon tennis and well I have not had much chance.

        So I thought I would finally dust off the old wordpress blog and kick start documenting my wedding adventures again.

        Here is a wedding I shot back in October of last year at the beautiful Gilmerton House in East Lothian (possibly my favourite Lothian) the main reason for posting this is well I had to start with someone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and I thought who better than possibly two of the nicest human beings I have ever met let alone photographed on their wedding day.

        Two words come to mind when I think of Maral and Davids wedding at Gilmerton House, heartfelt and emotional. Like so many others they were originally going to get married at a big venue will all the bells and whistles, but after the virus that shall not be named kept making it less and less tenable (Yep! I know fancy words) and generally less fun to organise, so the guys went for a smaller and more intimate occasion. The best thing about smaller and more intimate weddings that most couples don't know pre wedding, is that they are just as good as a big ol' hootenanny. Don't believe me eh, well take those peepers southbound and see for yourself.

        Also make sure you scroll down to the very end to see a list of all the amazing wedding suppliers that helped make this day so special. Plus a big shout out to all of Maral's bridal DIY like paua shell bling shoes YES ! 🤩🤩🤩 or the surgical towel clip for doing up the back of her dress. I know what you are thinking, but its ok guys, they are Dr people..... I hope.

        See I told you it was good 😛 So now that your totaly sold on me as your wedding photographer click here to get in touch

        Suppliers Shout Out

        • … and a whole lot of DIY by Maral


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