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        It’s fair to say that at this point in time I have been to a lot of weddings in Scotland and by default this means I have been to a lot of wedding venues in Scotland. Then again there are a lot of wedding venues in Scotland, so I can’t claim that this list is by any means exhaustive.. But I can say that these are among my favourites for all the reasons you will see below. I should also say they are in no particular order and to give things a bit of structure, have divided them into regions, so I am not playing favourites… well aprart from these. You get the point!

        I have also left out popular elopement spots in the Scottish highlands – yup they are amazing, but there not really places you can bring people. Well not a lot of people. Anyway lets get cracking.


        East Coast

        Broxmouth Courtyard


        Often a lot less wet than the other coast, I always think East Lothian in the summer time is about as good as it gets in Scotland for wedding photographers. So to kick things off here are two beauts. Broxmouth’s renovation is fairly new on the scene and might be a little unknown by all, but it’s seriously one of the best big wedding guest venues I know of. The staff are excellent and if you want a mix of the old aesthetic with the modern comforts, this should be near the top of  your list. 



        Dunglass Estate 


        I mean it’s a great venue all on its own, but then you go and add the church with the huge cavity in the wall and it takes it to something special that pretty much no other venue has. Also if you dont feel like getting married in a windowless church in Scotland they have a beautiful inside space. Dunglass also has a crack team on site and some of the best guest services around and I always think, treat your wedding guests like you would want to be treated and you’ll have a great day.



        West Coast

        Kingshouse Hotel


        Pretty much couldn’t make this list without Kingshouse. Now I know a lot of people just want to elope to Glencoe, because well it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet. But if you did want to have all the scenery plus your nearest in tow. This, hands down, would be the place. Kingshouse is nestled right at the bottom of Buachaille etive mòr possibly the most iconic and scenic mountain in Scotland. I mean if its good enough for a James Bond film… 


        The Engine Works Glasgow


        If you’re going for trendy and I know all about trendy (cough) then the Engine works is about the best I have yet to find. Its a MASSIVE space with loads of natural light flooding in. Is a bit of a photographers dream venue as its go so many spots for pictures and its in some ways weather proof, always a big plus in Scotland. So yeh you want to get married in Scotlands biggest city this is the place to do it.



        Dundas Castle


        So i’ll be honest I didn’t put any from Edinburgh city centre, because its a right old pain to get the car around town these days. However just 20 minutes outside the city centre is Dundas Castle and well.. Its massive 🎉. I thought about possibly adding another venue just a stones throw from Dundas, but I felt like Dundas has a kind of grand feel to it that not many places in Scotland have.



        Drumtochty Castle


        Might be one of my absolute favourites on this list, this place has loads going for it. In fact it’s got so much it would be hard to write about it all here. You have around 4 different ceremony spots to choose from, the courtyard, the front of the castle, down by the lake oh or the amazing old church at the bottom of the drive way. I have photographed around five weddings here and am yet to have the same experience twice. If your near Aberdeen and want to have a big wedding, this is the place.



        Fife and Perthshire

        The Cow Shed Crail


        Over the years I have shot quite a few weddings at the cow shed and I would probably rank this venue in my personal top 5. Its kind of has everything a wedding photographer (or bride and groom) would want in a venue. Loads of inside space, lots of natural light and a courtyard that protects you from Scotland’s elements. It also has Crail Harbour about 5 minutes down the road. Perfect!

        Pratis Barns 


        So I couldn’t make my mind up between this and another similar one, but I think what swings it is the new accommodation they have on site. I don’t know much builder talk/real estate talk but “finished to a high standard” actually makes sense here. The staff are amazing and the barn ceremony room is one of my personal faves. 

        Lindores Abbey Distillery 


        If you like Weddings and Whiskey…. I mean it’s a Distillery and with its own beautiful abby out in the Scottish countryside – nuff said really. 

        The Boarders

        Neidpath Castle 


        If your theme is Gothic Scottish castle from I am guessing the Stuart era ?? (If thats wrong I blame horrible histories) then this is 100% the place to go. 

        Hidden River Barn (Well it’s technically England)


        But I love the look of this place so much I kind of had to add it. 

        Wild Card


        The Beach ? Is this a venue ? I dunno – But I love beach weddings. 


        Dont worry im almost finished… and fair play if you have made it this far.


        You know there are loads of other venues that I think are amazing in Scotland, but I just couldn’t fit them all on here. Maybe i’ll make a second list in the future. 


        Anyways hope you enjoyed the list and it gives people a bit of a jumping off point. At the end of the day it’s all personal taste, so obviously try before you buy.


        …mmm maybe I should make a list of top Scottish Celebrants next, sure that would go down well.