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        Cardney Steading - Wedding Photography

        In today's adventure in Scottish wedding photography. We have Emily and Patrick who got married at the brilliant Cardney Steading just outside of Dunkled in Perthshire earlier this year.

        One of the few days of the year I got to hang with a second shooter and this was none other than Francessca at Fawn and Bell. She's ace, check her out.

        Also a big shout out to Beth the unsung hero of Cardney steadings. Top top! If you're looking at wedding venues, always make sure they have a wedding coordinator (like Beth and her team) to hand. I can't tell you what a massive difference it makes.

        Fun fact: I brained myself on a ladder writing this, so if none of it makes sense, you now know why‚Ķ to be fair that might be true no matter the case. Me good now, so no worry. ūü•ī

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