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        Harburn Barn - Wedding Photography - West Lothian

        This week's wedding comes from the fantastic Harburn Barn out in south west corner of West Lothian.

        I had met C and G the previous year for one of the wettest engagement sessions in Glencoe I can remember. So as is right, we didnt see a single raindrop on the day :)

        Unbeknown to moi, people in France typically have their celebrations later in the day and well into the evening. Which in the Scottish summertime would be easy, but this wasn't summer, oh no. This was November which meant a “nighttime wedding” something to make all wedding photographers cower in fear. That being said, thanks to some forethought and planning we were able to get everything out of tricky conditions.

        It was also a bit of a memorable wedding from the fact that 90% of the guests didn't speak English and I can't remember a lick of GCSE French, but somehow with the power of good will and vibes we made it work without issue :) I mean.... I think, I guess I would have no way of telling otherwise.