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        Ceilidh and Adam had their wedding in the beautiful rustic barn setting of Kinkell Byre just on the very outskirts of St Andrews. It’s a huge venue with everything inside that you could possibly want from a farm wedding in Scotland not to mention the incredible canopy lighting that has been set up inside each of the rooms for dramatic effect. You would never have known that it just happened to be on one of the wettest weekends of the year so far.

        However bad weather happens on Wedding days and believe it or not even sometimes in Scotland. The main thing I tell couples to remember more than anything is that it’s not always necessarily a bad thing. Plus Ceilidh and Adam where not going to let it become a dampener for their own happy festivities. Even braving the elements during a short break in the downpour to capture some of the windiest couples pictures I have ever taken and you know what I REALLY like them and I think it only adds to the story and the fun of it all.

        This also happened to be my first full wedding day of 2019 so far and it didn’t disappoint. It’s just another one of those wedding days that reminds you what a fun job you have and reminds me just how lucky I am to be a Wedding Photographer in this silly place I call home.


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