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        Pratis Barns - Wedding Photography

        Wedding photography is a job like no other. Sometimes I wonder if it's a real job and then I see my image editing schedule and remember. Yup, it's definitely a job.

        And part of that job was spending the day with Charlotte and Jack who got married earlier this year at the always Fab Pratis Barns.

        I don't think I can remember the last time I was with a bride and groom who were so ready to have fun and tie the knot together. From smoke bombs, to personalized table names that were made by all the kids from Charlotte's school (mega cute). These guys did it right!

        Partis is also what I would regard as an “Alpha” wedding venue and by that I mean you pretty much get everything that you want/need from a venue without faff.

        …and the reasons for this are as follows.

        You have a huge beautiful house with lots of natural light, a literal stone's throw from where you're getting married.

        You have an amazing weatherproof ceremony space in an old rustic barn. (Scottish Essential)

        You have a separate reception area for mingling with your guests.

        You have a TON of outside space, a nice high ceiling/open plan dining area, and a separate dance floor right next to it.

        Now you might be thinking Graeme why are you telling me all this Graeme aren't you just doing some free PR for Pratis Barns and while this might be true. What I am telling you is the kind of thing that's going to make a massive difference to your wedding day and your wedding photography.

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