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        The Royal College of Surgeons – Edinburgh – Wedding Photography

        Well this is one of those weddings I can honestly say I wish I could have been there. The Royal College of Surgeons is an amazing venue, so I was super excited about photographing this one. Unfortunately, I was struck down with illness and I mean Illness! and couldn’t make Michael and Liz’s wedding day. Not through lack of trying mind you. It was then up to another very talented assistant photographer (Zoe) that I work with, to take the reins. She did a fantastic job, so fantastic in fact I have decided to share it here.
        It’s always an important question to think about asking when choosing your wedding photographer.
        What happens if you are sick and can’t make it?
        First of all it’s very unlikely this would ever be the case, in fact in my ten plus years in the photography business I have only ever missed one shoot. However these things can happen and I have heard stories of brides and grooms stuck with having to use a family friend at the last moment. To prevent from this I always make sure to work with a group of talented photographers and assistants to help support each other to make sure that you never go without a photographer on your wedding day.
        Thankfully I did get the chance to edit the photos and photoshop in the bride and groom lightsaber fight. I mean how could I turn down that request 🙂

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