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        The Engine Works Glasgow - Wedding Photography

        Happy people, having the best day ever. That's the name of the game people and Claire and Grant optimized that very saying. Well that's not really a saying, because I just made it up, but you get the point. These guys were high school sweethearts that were so and I quote “buzzing” to get married, it was kind of infectious and I could not be happier for them. Plus Hamish the golden retriever even made an appearance and what's one sure fire way to make your wedding photography better.. Adding a dog obviously. Preferably your own dog mind.

        Right in the middle of Glasgow's Maryhill is The Engine Works and from the outside is a fairly inconspicuous (yes I googled how to spell that) venue. You wouldn't think upon walking in the door that this is what I would consider the best wedding venue in Glasgow. It's got a Ton of space, beautiful bare plaster walls, high ceilings, a turbine room for the wow factor, diffused natural light for days and well yeh it's a bit of a wedding photographer's dream venue if im honest.

        Amazing suppliers are as follows

        Cake – Liggy’s Cakes

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